What is this page?

Hello! You have landed on my micro.blog. It’s where I post short updates just like you would see on Twitter or other social media sites. So, you will see a feed and you can also see replies and similar. However, micro.blog is a lot more chilled out and without the toxic Twitter vibe.

I recommend it.

It does take some getting used to - it’s not as easy to discover people and there are no likes or retweets. You don’t have follower counts but it is possible to find people and engage in some civilised discussions.

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Return to the main euanlawson.com site and my blog/scribblings There is more about me and my interests etc there.

If you really must do the Twitter thing — and that’s totally cool, I’m still there too — then you can find me @euan_lawson

Euan Lawson @euanlawson